For Fit and Friendly Men into Safe Group Interactions




MEN'S DEN is a group of fit and friendly men of all races ages 21 to 40s-ish who like to play safe in group situations. 


We host free hotel parties once a month for our Members to interact socially and sexually in a safe, intimate no-pressure environment. We provide free clothes check, drinks, snacks, condoms (including x-large), lube, shower, and a safe, comfortable environment.



The parties are usually on a Friday at 8pm. Arrival is from 8pm to 9pm and the party goes until around Midnight. Since space is limited, we confirm a maximum of 30 guests per party.



The parties are free for all our members, and there is no charge to become a member. However, you must be approved as a member to attend. You will need to apply and submit a verification pic so we can see if you are a good match for our group.




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